Tier Two

Briarcliff Manor Union Free School District

Acceptable Use Policies


As a computer equipment and/or network user, I understand and agree to follow the rules of the Acceptable Use Policy in all of my work with computers and equipment in the Briarcliff Schools.


  • I understand that an author has the right to his/her own original ideas. Once an idea is fixed in any medium, for example, when it's been reduced to writing, painting, music, photographs, video, website, the rights to the idea belong to the author/creator. The author/creator has the rights to control the reproduction of that material.
  • Although there are exceptions in the laws concerning who has those rights to authorize copies and when they expire, as a student, I should assume that the author or creator of the work still has their rights and that the work is copyrighted. I understand that some works in the "public domain" (such as plays by William Shakespeare) are an exception to the copyright laws because their time of ownership by the author has expired. People could, then, assume that they could copy or perform his works. Therefore, I will not copy the ideas of the creator or author, whether by using the same words or the same idea without naming the author and referring to its source. I will check with my teacher before I use someone else's work for public display such as on the Internet.
  • When using computerized sources including those obtained through the Internet, I will acknowledge them using the same guidelines provided by the school district policy on quotations and citations [(e.g., MLA style).]
  • I recognize that copyright laws protect software.
  • I will not make unauthorized copies of software found on school computers, either by copying them onto my own diskettes or onto other computers through electronic mail or bulletin boards.
  • I will not give, lend or sell copies of software to others unless I have the written permission of the copyright owner or the original software is clearly identified as "shareware" or in the public domain.


  • I understand that all use of the Internet and all school computers and equipment will be used exclusively for education and research.
  • I understand that any use of the Internet and all school computers and equipment for personal, private, commercial or for-profit purposes (such as e-Bay) is prohibited.
  • I understand that playing video games or using forms of direct electronic communications such as personal e-mail, instant messaging and chat rooms are not permitted on school computers and equipment.


  • I am responsible for good behavior on the school computer networks just as I am responsible in a classroom or school hallway.
  • I understand that access to network services is given to students who agree to act in a considerate and responsible manner.


  • I understand that students only have e-mail privileges given to them for a specific time and purpose for a teacher-directed project (such as Briarcliff Manor Science Research) and under direct supervision of a teacher. Exemplary behavior is expected when involved in such a project.


  • I agree to use my account for my own work and to keep my password confidential and that if any other student is caught using my account, that I can lose my access privileges for a specified period of time. If my account is used by anyone else, I am to report it immediately. I understand that I should change my password periodically.
  • I agree not to reveal my name, home address or phone number or those of others over the Internet.
  • I understand that hate mail, harassment, profanity, obscenity, discriminatory remarks and other antisocial behaviors are prohibited on the network and can be prosecuted by law.
  • I understand network files are not private and I have no expectation of privacy.
  • I agree that I will not intentionally access or, under any circumstances, transmit material which is threatening, promotes violence or advocates destruction of property.
  • It is my responsibility to notify an adult immediately if by accident I encounter inappropriate materials that make me feel uncomfortable.
  • I agree that use of the network to access or process pornographic material, inappropriate text files, illegal activities or files dangerous to the integrity of the local area network are prohibited.
  • I agree not to download any programs from the Internet without permission.


  • I understand that no use of the network shall disrupt the use of the network by others; hardware or software shall not be destroyed, modified, damaged or abused in any way. Such vandalism is considered a crime under state and federal law and I will be held responsible for reimbursement to
  • the school to replace the damaged items.
  • I understand that malicious use of the network to develop programs that harass other users or infiltrate a computer or computer system and/or damage the software component of a computer or computing system (viruses) is prohibited.
  • I will treat network storage areas like school lockers.
  • Network administrators may review files and communications to maintain system integrity and ensure that users are utilizing the system responsibly, including:
    • Log Internet use and to monitor file space utilization by users.
    • Temporarily remove a user account on the network to prevent further unauthorized activity.
    • Remotely monitor computer activity within the District.

I understand that violation of the Acceptable Use Policy described above will be dealt with seriously. Violators run the risk of losing computer privileges on a temporary or permanent basis, disciplinary action and possible prosecution for violation of local, state and federal laws. I understand the School District may change the terms and conditions of use and/or the provisions of the Policy and Rules and Regulations. Posting such modifications on the system or at the access locations in a conspicuous place
shall constitute proper notice.

Acceptable Use Policy High School and Middle School.pdf