Tier Two District

Briarcliff Manor Union Free School District

Speech and Language Program

The early years of children’s lives are concerned primarily with learning language.  Development of good speech and language skills is essential for successful academic achievement and most children develop these skills with ease and seemingly without being taught. However, some children have difficulty in developing speech and language due to hearing problems, inadequate auditory discrimination or processing, development of incorrect habits or inappropriate or inadequate movements of the tongue, lip or jaw.  Speech sounds that many children developmentally have difficulty with include: s,z,l,r,th.

The Speech and Language program at Todd School is designed to identify and remediate in the areas of articulation, vocal disorders, fluency, and receptive and expressive language that are significantly impacting a student’s educational experience. All children in kindergarten, as well as new students, are screened. If weaknesses are noted with vocabulary, comprehension or syntax, it may be suggested that there be an additional language assessment, completed with parental consent.

The Speech program includes students typically seen in small groups to work on non-developmental speech sounds or errors and/or oral-motor skills.

The Language program offers support in building vocabulary, including basic concepts, synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, auditory processing skills, auditory comprehension and expressive language skills.  Support may be provided within the classroom, as a pull-out session or through teacher consultation.

Parents play an essential role in the Speech and Language Program and activities are sent home periodically to reinforce what is learned in school.