Tier Two District

Briarcliff Manor Union Free School District

Social Studies


 In Social Studies, we deal with aspects of our culture that are close to the children's experiences, such as holidays and current events. Units are designed to help youngsters know who and what they are, thus developing a sense of identity. "All About Me" books created by the children are a cumulative outgrowth of the entire year. Through interviews, graphs, charts, presentations and international week, children are able to understand change, responsibility, service to others, and citizenship. Children are exposed to multicultural similarities and differences during their trip around the world during Kindergarten International Week.


The first grade social studies program focuses on helping students understand their roles as members of a family and school community. Students are exposed to an interdisciplinary (SS/ELA) web based curriculum. The development of identity and social interaction skills such as good citizenship and cooperation are stressed. The awareness and application of other cultures is fostered.


One focus of the Social Studies program is to teach the interdependence of 
people, neighborhoods, and communities. Students will be introduced to these concepts: geography, citizenship, government, map skills and history. 

In the study of "basic economics" the children learn about trade and barter, money, banking, goods and services and factories. The "Popcorn Factory" is the culmination of this unit of study. 

The Social Studies program is enhanced by the use of books, videos, field trips and simulations.


We travel the world this year in search of culture, history, geography, economy, and politics. In the beginning of the year we learn about globes and various types of maps. We also learn specific concepts from directionality to reading map keys and scale. From there we learn about continents, oceans, and other landforms. By looking at our own country and comparing it to others, we can then examine the similarities and differences among world cultures. We look at the effect geography has on a community and how communities change and develop. Lessons introduce how social, political, and economic systems affect a community.


New York State is the focus of the fourth grade curriculum. Our textbook is New York: Adventures in Time and Place. The topics to be covered are the geography of New York, the resources and regions of New York, the first people of New York, Colonial New York, the American Revolution in New York, moving from colony to state, early statehood and New York's government. Emphasis is placed on developing research skills using a variety of resources. Current Events and the newspaper are used as learning tools.


 Social Studies topics include the western hemisphere with a focus on the history and governments of Canada, Latin America and the United States. Specific attention is given to map and globe skills, as well as research skills, using many types of references. Review and preparation for the New York State Social Studies State Test is provided.