Tier Two District

Briarcliff Manor Union Free School District

Physical Education

The physical education program helps each student to:
a. develop and maintain a suitable level of physical fitness
b. attain competency in body management and develop useful physical skills
c. acquire needed safety skills and habits
d. motivate expression and communication, verbal and non-verbal
e. appreciate both individual and group performance
f. gain knowledge and appreciation of physical education activities
g. become aware of the effect of physical activity upon the body
h. exercise initiative, leadership, and responsibility
i. reinforce learning in other areas of the school curriculum

Participation in the physical education program is required of all students K-5.Medical excuses must be verified by a doctor's note and brought to the Todd School nurse.

Sneakers are a must to ensure the students safety and everyone around them. 


I.    Movement Concept Development

1.    Space Awareness: Directions, Levels, Pathways, General & Self Space
2.    Effort Concepts: Time, Force and Flow
3.    Relationships: Of Body Parts, With Objects & People

II.    Skill Theme Development

1.    Locomotors Skills: Walking, Running, Hopping, Skipping, Galloping, Sliding, Jumping, Chasing, Fleeing and Dodging. 
2.    Non-Manipulative Skills: Turning, Twisting, Rolling, Stretching, Balancing, Transferring Weight, Jumping/Landing and Coordination
3.    Manipulative Skills: Throwing underhand and overhand, Catching with one and two hands, Dribbling with one and two hands, kicking and dribbling with feet, Striking with rackets and paddles, Basketball Shooting, Striking with long-handled Implements, Volleying, Catching with short-hand implements, Throwing with short-handed Implements
4.    Games: Low Organized, Running, Lead Up, Ball Handling, Relays, and Novelty
5.    Team Sports: Soccer, Basketball, Floor Hockey, Tee Ball, Mat/Kick Ball
6.    Individual: Physical Fitness: Pulse Reading, Cardiovascular Endurance, Muscular Strength, Flexibility
7.    Educational Gymnastics: Low Balance Beam, Climbing Ropes, Travel Rings
8.    Lifetime Sports: Fitness, Jumping Rope, Bowling and Climbing Wall

III.    Evaluating the Students

Self-Testing, Problem Solving, Teacher Observation, Peer Evaluation and Guided Discovery