Tier Two District

Briarcliff Manor Union Free School District

4th Grade

Fourth grade classes are heterogeneous in structure. The teachers work closely together and frequently regroup children across the classes for special projects and activities. Provisions are made for individual instruction within the classroom and in special programs.

Reading and Language Arts 
Todd School uses a research-based core language arts program entitled Reading Street.  This program is designed to help teachers build skillful readers and writers through motivating and engaging literature, scientifically research-based instruction, and a myriad of reliable teaching tools. This balanced literacy program aligns with the New York State Common Core Standards and integrates technology. Students read selections on a common theme in all genres where oral language literacy and listening skills are stressed. Throughout the week a particular comprehension skill and strategy is taught along with story vocabulary, phonics and spelling, grammar and writing. Students practice these skills multiple times as a whole class, during small group guided reading instruction, independently at practice stations or with peers. Teachers differentiate instruction and have a variety of strategies at hand to create successful readers.

Primary Mathematics; Common Core Edition is used for instruction. It is necessary for every child to develop the basic computational skills and the practical applications of these skills. Students are expected, through appropriate experiences and activities, to explore, analyze, question and investigate mathematical concepts in order to discover relationships and develop understanding. All basic algorithms are taught. The students are required to commit arithmetic facts to memory.  Problem solving involving practical situations is emphasized. Math manipulatives are used to progress students from the concrete to the abstract. 

Social Studies 
New York State is the focus of the fourth grade curriculum. The textbook is MacMillan/McGraw-Hill's New York.  Additionally, BOCES Social Studies curriculum is followed to complete the care of the program.  The topics to be covered are the geography of New York, the resources and regions of New York, the first people of New York, Colonial New York, the American Revolution in New York, moving from colony to state, early statehood and New York's government. Emphasis is placed on developing research skills using a variety of resources. We also use New York Studies Weekly Newspaper. 

The Fourth Grade science program follows the scope and sequence of Science 21, an inquiry based hands-on curriculum. The theme of the curriculum is "Organization In The World". The units of study are: Organizing Ourselves For Doing Science; Digestion, Nutrients, Food Chains and Webs; Simple Machines Organization Of The Earth (rocks & minerals). These topics develop student interest and skill in the use of scientific methods and equipment. Students are taught to observe, measure, classify, infer, predict, record and communicate results. These units are often integrated into other of curriculum areas.

Assignments normally are given four days per week and require thirty to forty-five minutes to complete. In addition students are expected to complete twenty minutes of independent daily at home reading.