Tier Two District

Briarcliff Manor Union Free School District

2nd Grade

Reading and Language Arts
Todd School uses a research-based core language arts program entitled Reading Street. This program is designed to help teachers build skillful readers and writers through motivating and engaging literature, scientifically research-based instruction, and a myriad of reliable teaching tools. This balanced literacy program aligns with the New York State Common Core Standards and integrates technology. Students read selections on a common theme in all genres where oral language literacy and listening skills are stressed. Throughout the week a particular comprehension skill and strategy is taught along with story vocabulary, phonics and spelling, grammar and writing. Students practice these skills multiple times as a whole class, during small group guided reading instruction, independently at practice stations or with peers. Teachers differentiate instruction and have a variety of strategies at hand to create successful readers.

Spelling instruction includes weekly word lists which focus on the various spelling strategies and their application to all written work. During the second grade year, the children will be expected to make the transition from developmental to conventional spelling.

Children learn to write original stories, compose poetry, report on personal experiences and factual material, and apply rules of capitalization and punctuation.

Our math program, Primary Mathematics, reflects the current NYS standards. Topics covered will be: Numbers to 1,000, Addition & Subtraction (including renaming), Geometry, Money, Time, Fractions, Graphing, and Multiplication

Social Studies
One focus of the Social Studies program is to teach the interdependence of 
people, neighborhoods, and communities. Students will be introduced to these concepts: geography, citizenship, government, map skills and history. 

In the study of "basic economics" the children learn about trade and barter, money, banking, goods and services and factories. The "Popcorn Factory" is the culmination of this unit of study. 

The Social Studies program is enhanced by the use of books, videos, field trips and simulations. 

The inquiry-based Science program encourages the children to explore the world around them. They are given many opportunities to observe, question and record their findings about measurement, energy, living things and the environment.

The Science program is enriched through experiments, videos, field trips and in-class presentations by scientists. 

Technology is integrated into all curriculum areas. The children use shared laptops which enhance the study of social studies, science, math and language arts.  Additionally, computer lab time will be scheduled for collaborative teaching and learning.

Homework Policy
During the school year, homework will be assigned as an application and extension of concepts taught in class. Children should spend from 15 to 30 minutes each day on these assignments depending on their individual ability. In addition, daily reading for a minimum of 15 minutes at home is encouraged. 

Health and Safety
In the second grade, children build upon their first grade experience. They continue to learn about good health habits and physical fitness. The importance of safety is stressed as an on-going school topic and practiced in units on safety in school, on the bus, on the playground and at home.