Tier Two District

Briarcliff Manor Union Free School District

National Art Honor Society

BHS National Art Honor Society
Chapter 885
Sponsor – Ms. Ritacco

The National Art Honor Society - NAHS is an international organization sponsored by the National Art Education Association. NAHS provides avenues for recognition of artistic talents and opportunities for leadership roles for visual arts students, while spotlighting the success and community work of our school art program.

The purpose of the chapter is to foster excellence and a dedicated spirit to the pursuit of art; to inspire and recognize students with outstanding ability in art; to further creative abilities of it’s members and to bring art to the attention of the school and community. Interested students are encouraged to enter art competitions (Young Arts, Scholastic Arts, etc) and submit their artwork to school publications.

  • Students must apply for membership.
  • Membership is based on art scholarship, character and service. To be eligible for selection, candidates grade 9, 10, 11 or 12, must be enrolled in an art class and have a minimum art scholarship of 90 or above.
  • Students must demonstrate excellent character, upholding principles of morality and ethics, holding no infractions of academic integrity. Members must demonstrate cooperation, reliability and motivation and adhere to the Briarcliff District Code of Conduct.
  • Members are expected to volunteer their services to the community through visual arts. Community service activities include ‘Art Salon’ (annual art exhibition) preparation, maintenance of school gallery and website gallery, fundraising, “Memory Project” portrait drawing, mural painting, mentoring and volunteering for committees defined by officers.
  • New members will be inducted into NAHS at the end of the school year if they have honored their commitments. Their names will be announced at the annual art exhibition typically held in April.

Responsibilities and expectations to maintain membership and privileges.
  • Members must complete at least 8 service hours in the visual arts each year and should participate in projects and fundraisers.
  • To remain in good standing, a member must pay annual dues of $10. This includes the chapter registration fee.
  • Attendance is required at meetings. Maximum 5 missed with cause.
  • To graduate with NAHS honors and have the right to wear a cord at graduation, a member must remain in good standing until the graduation date.
  • The a NAHS is a student governed organization. A majority of votes are necessary to elect an officer. Officers create goals, develop a community service calendar and plan activities. 
  • Responsibilities of the officers are as follows:
The President:
It is the duty of the president to preside over meetings and serve as the chapter’s program chair.

The Secretary:
The secretary shall keep minutes of the meetings, attendance, community service records and all business records.

The Treasurer:
The treasurer collects dues and attends to all money matters associated with fundraising, etc. 

Exhibition Assistant:
Directs a committee of volunteers that works to showcase student art in school displays and digital galleries.
NAHS Opportunities:
  • Columbus College of Art and Design Scholarship
  • The Art Institutes NAHS Scholarship
  • Maryland Institute Scholarship
  • Pratt School of Art & Design Scholarship
  • NAEA Rising Star Award