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NCAA Night Handout - IRL and Updates

NCAA Institutional Request List

As of September 2012 the NCAA requires that all student athletes that want to be reviewed for NCAA Compliance must appear on a IRL —Institutional Request List —The IRL is prepared by a coach in a
Division I and Division II colleges and sent to the NCAA. All student athletes must be placed on a
active IRL to be reviewed for compliance.
NCAA IRL Process
All student athletes must be placed on an active IRL by a coach
Student athletes must make sure that if they are interested in attending a certain college and
want to be reviewed for compliance that they are on the coaches IRL
Filing process for NCAA Com pliancy is still the same:
• Go to Eligibility Center NCAA website
• Enter athletes name and general information and pay the $65
• Athlete send transcripts to NCAA for clearance
• Athlete maintains a 2.0 GPA
Issues or Concerns — IRL
• IRL process is confusing for the student —the NCAA agrees
• How do students get in touch with a coach to be placed on the IRL?
• Where is the guarantee that they will be placed on the coaches IRL?
• What if the student cannot get on anyone's IRL?
Follow up
• Once a coach puts the student on the IRL and sends the list to the NCAA a request is made that
the application for NCAA Compliance be reviewed. Note: Only one coach needs to put a
student on the IRL, all coaches will be able to view the application.
• This process is required for Division I and II
• If a student is actively recruited by a coach they will be on the IRL and will not need to call
• Students not being actively recruited will need to call a coach and ask them to put their name on
the IRL
• Students should be made aware of the IRL and ask the coach about how they handle the list
Note: The IRL has always existed and coaches would file with the NCAA. Before 9/2012 all students
that filed with the Clearinghouse for NCAA Compliance would be reviewed for clearance. Now only
students listed on a IRL will be reviewed for clearance. The reason for the change — NCAA does want
to review 180,000 applications. The NCAA brings in 11.7 million dollars from the NCAA application —
180,000 applications at $65 per student.
NCAA Eligibility
• 10 core courses must be completed by the start of senior year - 7t'' semester —start
date for this rule — 8/1/2016
• Core courses cannot be retaken for grade improvement after the start of the 7tn
semester. Those courses are locked in and cannot be retaken to improve the GPA.
• Division II still has no sliding scale for GPA and. SAT average. Student must have
at least an 820 SAT and 68 ACT combined subscores.