Tier Two District

Briarcliff Manor Union Free School District

Academic Index for the Ivy League

Information from Graham Niemi —Assistant Lacrosse Coach —Yale University



  1. They use three components to come up with the Academic Index for a student:
    • Critical Reading SAT
    • Math SAT
    • High School GPA
  2. Each component counts for $0 points

For example; Student has

  • CR SAT — 800
  • Math SAT — 800
  • High School GPA— 4.0

This student would get 80 points for each category so their AI would be 240. This of course is a perfect score.

  1. Each Ivy League School has an average AI for the entering freshman class. Last year the average at Yale for all entering freshman was 220 AI.
  2. The Athletic Department at Yale must come up with an AI for entering freshman athletes. This AI can be no more than one standard deviation below the average freshman AI. Last year the AI for freshman athletes at Yale was 207.
  3. Yale makes admissions decision for student athletes on a case by case basis. There are not hard fast AI cut offs. This is not the case at other Ivy League Colleges. Each admissions office would handle this process in a different way. The method for calculating the index is the same at all colleges. See attached chart from Yale.