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Tier Two District

Briarcliff Manor Union Free School District

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Tool Purpose Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
Virtual learning environment and course management system.
Web-based assessment management system.
Visually engaging library search interface.
Standards-based digital textbooks, multimedia content and professional development.
Online Research Database.
Encyclopedia Britannica
Student Management System
Online Databases.
A comprehensive K-12 college and career readiness platform
Online articles from over 17,000 scholarly journals and other authoritative sources.
Online research on business, companies and industries.
Online General titles.
Online Book Content Supporting Research in Healthy Studies.
Online Current and Archived News Content.
Online News Content.
New York State Newspaper.
Online platform  that offers comprehensive access to authoritative reference, periodical and primary source information.
Offers cross-curricular content aligned to national and state curriculum standards.
Online databases, library, newspaper digital archives, eBooks, courses and large print books.
Grolier is a Digital encyclopedias.
Online access to academic journal articles, books, and primary sources.
Resource for learning through videos and practice exercises
Online database that provides full-text critical analyses, plot summaries, character sketches, and author biographies.
Online Biomedical Library.
Online collection of primary source videos, newsreels, documents and images.
Tool for creating interactive presentations and activities.
Web-based student research service.
Provides an organized point of access to STEM content aggregated from a variety of other digital libraries.
Online Oxford English Dictionary.
Microsoft-Office Web-Based products.
Learning Management System.
Learning Management System.
Online Database.
Online access the best journals, databases, and ebook resources
A study tool for matching terms and definitions.
Online Library.  
Online Library.
Contains full text of science magazines, journals, encyclopedias, reference books and a vast collection of images.
Online Database.
Online Books.
Online Books.