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Tier Two

Briarcliff Manor Union Free School District

Student Registration and Address Updates

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Thank you for choosing the Briarcliff Manor School District (BMSD) to register your child(ren).

For your convenience, Pre-Registration is done entirely online! After completing the pre-registration process, you will be provided an opportunity to schedule a registration appointment at the District Office to complete the process. In addition, you will receive a checklist of the documents you will need to bring with you to your appointment. Failure to bring all of the requested documentation will delay the enrollment of your student.  Please note that submitting the pre-registration information online does not guarantee your student has met the requirements for admittance to the Briarcliff School District.

Please take the time to carefully review the Steps to Register New Students packet. The packet contains important information that is essential to meet all the necessary BMSD Registration requirements.

For additional information, please contact:

Caroline Saldanha

Database Services

Steps to register students (grades K-12)

1. Establishing/Updating Residency

Establishing your primary residence in the Briarcliff Manor School District is the first step to the registration process.  

Proof of Residency documentation must be presented in person at your Registration Appointment.  Please provide the original documents as described below.  These documents will be returned to you at the appointment.

Proof of Residency Requirements:

Homeowners: If you own your home, you must provide at least three (3) of the following (must be originals):

  1. Real property tax receipt or signed Closing Statement from attorney and Deed (including Westchester County Recording cover sheet)
  2. AND two (2) of the following current documents (issued within 30 days) in the Homeowner’s name:
    1. Recent (within 30 days) utility bill
    2. Recent cable TV/satellite TV bill
    3. Property Insurance Certificate

*Documents with a P.O. Box will not be accepted.

We DO NOT accept the following for proof of residency: Driver’s License, non-driver ID Card, checkbook, bank statement, credit card statement, car insurance statement/card, cell phone/telephone bills or car loan statements.

Renters: (Landlords need to follow directions for HOMEOWNER):  At the beginning of every new agreement, including month-to-month leases*, the Renter must present the following original documents:

  1. A valid and fully executed Lease for the rental unit and a rent receipt signed by the Landlord, including the Landlord’s address and telephone number and the property address (within 30 days)
  2. A completed, signed and notarized Affidavit of Property Owner/Landlord with an original signature
  3. The following current documents (issued within 30 days in the Renter’s name):
    1. Utility Bill
    2. Cable Bill
    3. Property Insurance Certificate
    4. Voter Registration Card

*If you have a month-to-month lease, you are required to show proof of residency every six months.

Please note that the Registration process will not begin until residency has been established.

Parents/Guardians are responsible for the tuition payment for each child if their primary residence is not in the Briarcliff Manor School District.

2. Registration/Enrollment - Documents to bring

For more information regarding NYS Department of Health Immunizations laws and regulation click here.

**It is important to note that an Immunization Record is required before the start of the first day of school.  

  • School Records Release Form (if applicable): If your student is transferring from another school, we must have an official copy of their school records.  The parent or guardian must give their consent to the students' prior school to transfer these school records.  (Examples:  transcripts, reports cards, and other academic history).
  • Digital Photo - Please bring a photo of your child (shoulders up - similar to a passport photo) if you did not attach it in the Student Registration Form.

3. Forms to complete

4. Registration Appointment

  • Please call 914-432-8111 to schedule an appointment to Register your child(ren).   Please note that Registration is by appointment only

  • Registration Appointments take place in person at:

The Briarcliff Manor District Office
45 Ingham Road,
Briarcliff Manor New York 10510
  • Your Registration Appointment will take approximately thirty minutes.

No partial registrations will be accepted.  Therefore, please have all of the requested documentation completed and all forms signed when you arrive for your Registration Appointment.

5. Additional Information

The Briarcliff Manor School District (BMSD) wants all parents to understand its policies.  Please take some time to review our Annual Notices.

6. Tuition Information

Briarcliff's Board of Education will accept tuition students grades K-12, if the District determines we have available programs at the time of application.  Please email for an application.

2019-20 Nonresident Tuition Estimated as of August 2019

  • Grades K-6 = $20,463**
  • Grades 7-12 =$27,949**

2018-19 Nonresident Tuition Estimated as of September 2018

  • Grades K-6 = $19,155**
  • Grades 7-12 =$27,118**

**Tuition Estimates are based on the New York State Education Department's Estimated Nonresident Tuition Report (NRTEST) and will likely be adjusted in the following academic school year when the New York State Education Department posts the Actual Nonresident Tuition Report for the Prior Year (NRT).  Invoices will be issued for any rate increases and credits or refunds will be given for any rate decreases.

7. Kindergarten 2019-20 Registration


Kindergarten registration is now open.

Follow the registration steps 1-6 on our website including the student registration form (step 3) and scheduling your appointment (step 4). 

  • When: Wednesday, January 23rd - Friday, February 8th and Monday, February 25th - Friday, March 1st.
  • Times:  7:30am - 5pm
  • Where:  Todd Elementary School\District Office 45 Ingham Road, Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510.
  • Please note: These registration appointments are by appointment only.  We are unable to accept partial registration information, please do not take an appointment from someone if you do not have a completed registration packet.
  • FAQ:  What if I already have a student attending Todd, BMS, or BHS?  You will still need to submit the student registration forms, but you will only need to bring in one of the following documents issued within the past 30 days to confirm your residency:
    • Current utility bill;
    • Cable bill;
    • Property Tax Insurance;  or
    • Voter Registration Card


You will be contacted to schedule your child's screening appointments.

Screening dates are tentatively scheduled for April 9th, April 10th, April 15th, April 16th, and April 17th.