Tier Two

Briarcliff Manor Union Free School District

District Profile

The Briarcliff School community is committed to a deep and well-rounded educational experience for all. Our students attend three award-winning schools -- Todd Elementary School for kindergarten through fifth grade, Briarcliff Middle School for grades six through eight, and Briarcliff High School for grades nine through twelve. The schools operate with the support of a five-member Board of Education whose goal it is to provide each student with a strong educational foundation and the tools necessary to find lifelong personal and academic success.

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Educational Philosophy

The Briarcliff Manor School District is committed to the philosophy of helping each student maximize his or her potential to become confident, academically successful adults who are able and willing to make positive contributions to society. Engaging students to this end is the shared responsibility of our schools, parents and the greater Briarcliff community. Together we endeavor to meet the needs of the whole child -- intellectual, physical, emotional, civic, and aesthetic. It is each school’s primary responsibility to support the intellectual development of the child -- the acquisition of the tools, habits and dispositions for learning and the assimilation of a basic body of skills and knowledge. While certain aspects of learning require memorization of facts, the school must also encourage creative problem solving, collaboration and independent thinking. A student’s ability is not static, all students can learn and each student develops at his or her own rate. Therefore, insofar as possible, our schools must try to meet the individual needs of each student by offering alternative methods of instruction, options in course selection, and a broad range of educational programs and activities for students with differing interests and talents. Within this broad educational program, we hope to engage, enlighten and inspire our student body so that it may be best prepared for life and opportunity in the 21st Century.

“Engage, Inspire and Achieve”


Inspire students through the care, dedication and diligence of teachers, staff, and parents, to become knowledgeable, skilled, and confident young men and women.


To provide students with the tools and opportunities to do well and to be well.

We instill within each child the strengths of:

Academic Achievement Through:

  • Highly trained and competent educational staff;
  • Core curriculum and standards;
  • Critical thinking and problem solving activities;
  • Collaboration and authentic assessment;
  • Access to critical resources.

Character Development that Promotes:

  • Personal responsibility;
  • Awareness of the broader community;
  • Appreciation of alternate points of view;
  • Development of skills necessary for success in the 21st Century.


Through collaboration among teachers, administrators, staff, and parents, our District will:

  • Deliver a comprehensive academic program of the highest quality;
  • Promote continuous improvement in student achievement;
  • Prepare students for their future academic and career expectations;
  • Embrace high standards and higher expectations in all that we do.


Our Board will work diligently toward representing our district in the following manner:

  • Demonstrate civility and respect at all times;
  • Appreciate and value all opinions and the unique contribution of others;
  • Place education first, but ensure that educational priorities are balanced with fiscal responsibility;
  • Respect and support our dedicated staff, faculty and administration;
  • Serve the community by being transparent, engaged, supportive and constructive;
  • Communicate effectively by listening and keeping the community informed.