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Briarcliff Manor Union Free School District

Todd Students are Swapping Outdoor running with Indoor Yoga When it Rains

Downward Dog, Cobra Pose and Tree Pose are standard yoga poses you might find in any yoga class. For Todd elementary School students, they are the go-to moves when it’s raining outdoors. In addition, they are in line with COVID safety guidelines: students can do them at a distance and with their masks on.

The rain on Tuesday meant yoga in the gym and the fifth graders were practically experts as they did each post.

“We’ve gone over the movements and they’ve also learned a lot of these poses in prior P.E. classes,” said physical Education teacher Michelle Hiltsely. “In this class they move around the floor and follow the instructions written inside the circle,” she added.

The students also do other stretching activities, such as squats.

“They’re doing stretching in addition to the yoga,” said physical education teacher James Tranchida. “We’re calling them movements. It’s more about movements themselves, than about doing something that makes them move too fast and breathe too heavily,” he explained.

For exercise that does get students’ heart rate pumping, they are doing brisk walks with their cohorts and teacheing assistants. They line up in a row and walk all around the hallways of the school when it is raining.

“When the rain stops they go outdoors,” said Ms. Hiltsley. “But for now, walking around gets them more movement.”