Tier Two

Briarcliff Manor Union Free School District

Third Graders Write Heartfelt Essays about What they are Grateful for

It is hard to believe that less than six months ago they were only second graders, but students in Lisa Cerrato and Christine Elliott’s third grade class are now writing full-page essays, complete with introduction and conclusion and beautiful handwriting, to boot.

Recently, in preparation for Thanksgiving, students were asked to write an essay about three things that they are grateful for.

“We gave them examples beforehand,” Ms. Elliott said.

Max wrote about being thankful for his family, sports and friends.

“I wrote about my family first because they are the most important,” he said. “I’m also very good at a lot of sports and I like my friends a lot so I chose to write about them, too.”

Claire and Grace wrote similar essays - they are both appreciative of their families, and…each other!

‘Grace helps me a lot,’ Claire wrote, ‘she also loves to go to Long Beach Island in New Jersey like I do.’

Grace returned the sentiment in her essay. ‘Claire is kind and caring and loves to play soccer with me. She even invited my family to her family’s beach house on Long Beach Island.’

Grace also included her own house as one of the things she is grateful for.

‘I also appreciate my house because it keeps me safe, provides shelter and keeps me warm in the winter and cool in the summer,’ she wrote.

“They turned out wonderfully,” Ms. Cerrato said. “These are very organized and structured essays.”

“I hope they will share their essays with their families at dinner,” Ms. Elliott said.