Tier Two

Briarcliff Manor Union Free School District

Teacher Excited to Watch Students Interacting and Socializing

Deborah Adelberg has been teaching elementary students – mostly first graders – for 32 years. This year, however, she is teaching kindergarten for the very first time and she is just as excited as the students themselves.

“This year we have a full class of 23 students, so it gives them an opportunity to interact with more students,” she said. “They are social beings and they really need the interaction, especially since it is their first time at an elementary school. Social interaction is really key at this age. They play together a lot now and it is exciting to watch.”

According to Ms. Adelberg, having a full class is not only better because of increased interaction, but it also provides more flexibility for other types of activities.

“Kindergarten typically has centers and we still cannot do that this year. We do have center-type activities at the students’ tables, so they are sharing activities, as well as materials. Of course, everything gets sanitized,” she added.

At the playground, students were able to play freely, but last year, when the playground was off-limits, they were still able to come up with ways to play without touching the equipment.

“They would play hide and seek and shadow tag. Now that they can use the equipment they are even more excited and you can see it on their faces,” Ms. Adelberg said.

A full class of 23 students is a big difference from last year’s small cohorts, but Ms. Adelberg is thankful for her Teaching Assistant, Andrea Jacoby.

“It is so great to have her, she is a tremendous asset,” she said.