Tier Two

Briarcliff Manor Union Free School District

Students Participate in a Communities Project Gallery Walk

Todd Elementary second graders displayed the urban, suburban and rural communities they had built using recycled materials and household items during a “Gallery Walk” for kindergarten and first grade students.

The exhibit was the result of the second grade unit on communities with STEAM teacher Amira Lahlouh and was displayed in her classroom.

Learning about communities – the places where people live – is one of the first building blocks to preparing students to be productive citizens.

On Wednesday, students in Alison Tully’s class visited the classroom and had the opportunity to view the buildings, houses, stores, farms and other structures built by the second graders.

They noticed the milk cartons, cereal boxes and other items that the students had used to create these structures. Ms. Lahlouh also discussed the difference between urban, suburban and rural communities.

The bright, colorful structures were very appealing to the students and they marveled at their peers’ creativity.

“I like the one with the city because it has a road with cars on it,” said Cole.

“I like all the big towers!” said Dhilan.

“I like the hotel in Fruit Loop Land because it’s colorful,” said Emma.