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Briarcliff Manor Union Free School District

Kindergartners Discuss Favorite Fall Activities

With the first day of fall this week, students in Bonnie Seligson’s kindergarten class turned their thoughts to their favorite fall activities.

The students worked on an art project and used cardboard paper to create trees. They glued small pieces of red and orange paper on the trees to create fall-colored leaves. On the bottom of the papers they wrote what they love to do most in the fall.

“I like to collect leaves,” said a student named Bella. “I put them in my jewelry box in my bedroom.”

“I like to see the leaves change color to orange, red, yellow and brown,” said Steven, while Ashton, who sat next to him, said that he likes picking apples best.

“I like to jump in the leaves and swim in them,” said Mia. “I’m so happy that fall is here because it means that winter is almost here. Winter is my favorite because I like presents,” she explained.