Tier Two

Briarcliff Manor Union Free School District

Kindergarten Students Play A Memory Game

In Leslie Newman’s kindergarten class at Todd, the emphasis is on having fun while learning, with a focus on social interaction. During Skills time, Ms. Newman uses creative ways to get students to interact with each other, and which also enable her to keep tabs on students who may need extra help.

Skills time is when students focus on a variety of skills - some students get extra help in various subjects, while others do online activities, such as the IXL math program on their iPads.

“I use Skills time to review what we learned in class and to see if anyone needs extra help,” Ms. Newman said.

Ms. Newman selected a group of six students and together they played a memory game where they matched the numeral with a ten-frame, which is a pictorial image of the number’s quantity.

“They get a visual image in the form of dots and they match it to the numeral of the number, so it is like a regular memory game but with added connection of the numeral number and the dots,” Ms. Newman explained. “In math we have studied numbers 1 through 5 so this is a review that allows me to gauge who needs extra help.

A student who needs extra assistance will get one-to-one lessons with Teaching Assistant Janis DiBernardo.

“This game is great because the students also learn listening and focusing strategies and there is also the SEL lesson of getting along and waiting their turn, helping each other, teamwork and being a good sport,” she said.

The memory game is only one way for students to interact with each other. According to Ms. Newman, iPads are limited to 20 minutes per day for kindergarten students and there are many opportunities to socialize.

“Students need to interact with each other so during playtime they get together in small groups and play with tubs of toys, such as LEGOS,” she said.