Tier Two

Briarcliff Manor Union Free School District

It's a Smooth Sailing at Ms. Hurley's Fourth Grade Orientation 

You may remember a story from a few months ago about Todd Elementary School fourth grader teacher Christina Hurley and how she incorporates mindfulness in the classroom to online learning. Now that school is back in session she is back to doing live mindfulness activities for both her in-class students as well as her virtual students. School started on Tuesday with orientation and Ms. Hurley made sure the students had a smooth transition.

The live class, Ms. Hurley explained, is divided into two pods: “Beachy Pod”, with a beach theme and “Lucky Pod” with a green 4-leaf clover theme. Ms. Hurley’s teacher assistant is in one classroom and switches off regularly with Ms. Hurley, who is in the other room.

When school begins its first “official” day, this Friday, Ms. Hurley will teach a lesson in one of the classrooms, which will be streamed for the students in the other classroom on a large screen, as well as for the students at home. 

“There are nine students in each of the two classrooms plus six at home,” Ms. Hurley said.

In today’s orientation, once the two cohorts were in class they first began with a Mindful Meeting.

“I was trying to keep everything very positive. It’s a new year, everything looks different in the new year and this happens to be a little different than normal. We’re going to be flexible and make the most of it,” Ms. Hurley said.

After mindfulness, the students unpacked their supplies, learned about mask and spacing expectations and ended with a fun activity.

According to Ms. Hurley, orientation went very smoothly. 

 “The students were aware of social distancing and seemed at ease in their new classroom environments,” she said.

The virtual group was able to pick up supplies and meet Ms. Hurley in person in a “drive-by meet and greet” outside the school building.

 “This gave the students a chance to meet the teachers but also respected the wishes of their parents as far as entering the school building,” Ms. Hurley explained.

 “I am very proud of and impressed with the students whom I met today both in the classroom and online! They were responsible and attentive and seemed excited for what this year will bring. Friday will be a new experience for students and teachers alike, and I am looking forward to being able to learn more about my new students and have them feel comfortable in our new classrooms,” she concluded.