Tier Two

Briarcliff Manor Union Free School District

Fifth Graders Learn about Latin America Countries by Creating a Museum

If students cannot get to a museum, the museum will come to them.

One of the final projects for fifth graders this year was to create a Latin American Countries museum. Students in Lori Fraternale and Suzanne Mauriello’s classes made posters that featured information about various Latin American Countries.

Students worked in pairs to research the countries. Then they created posters featuring photos and drawings, as well as information on each country’s culture, history, food and sports.

“On the day of the museum, each student had a country “passport,” which he or she was able to fill out with facts from the different countries,” said Ms. Fraternale. “It was a great way to teach the students about the similarities and differences in the Latin American countries and the rich history behind them.”