Tier Two

Briarcliff Manor Union Free School District

Fifth graders Create Mind Maps

Tennis, playing Roblox and the music of “My Chemical Romance” – these all found a spot on students’ “mind maps” in art class at Todd Elementary.

Fifth graders in Sara Gooyandeh’s class had an art lesson with Paul Villanueva and created maps to share information about themselves, their lives and their interests.

“Students can write about their favorite foods, hobbies, their family members, favorite subject in school, pets, places they have visited, favorite movies, etc.” Mr. Villanueva said.

He showed the students an example of his own mind map and his favorite things, such as his favorite sports team and travelling.

Students began by drawing their name in any style in the center of the page. Underneath they drew a small self-portrait. From the center of the page they drew arrows pointing to different things they wanted to highlight.

Aidan drew his hobby, Roblox.

Grant included on his mind map the names of his favorite bands: “Red Hot Chili Peppers,” “My Chemical Romance,” “Green Day” and “The Airborn Toxic Event.”

“My parents told me about them, but I like to listen to them on my own,” he said.