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Briarcliff Manor Union Free School District

Creativity is the Name of the Game During Maker Day at Todd

Todd Elementary School students participated in a virtual Maker Day and selected from a variety of fun challenges while stretching their imaginations and channeling their inner inventor.

The event, organized by librarian Tara Phethean and art teacher Paul Villanueva, included challenges involving multidisciplinary activities, especially science. Students completed the challenges at home.

Greek Column

Greek Column challenge

“It connects to different curriculums in a fun way,” said Ms. Phethean. “Students considered the strength and flexibility of materials, the trajectory of motion, and so much more doing challenges like the Hole-in-One Maze and the 1980’s Shoelace Design,” she explained.

Totem challenge

“Todd students were so engaged in a change-up to remote learning rigor during our Maker Day!” said Ms. Phethean. “They had great fun making! Maker is all about how we can create, invent, build, explore, challenge ourselves and expand our imaginations!” she concluded.

Fort challenge:

Hole-in-One challenge:

Strongest Bridge challenge:

Here is the list of the activities the students selected from:

Build the Strongest Bridge

Greek Column Challenge

1980’s Shoelace Designs Challenge

Build the Tallest “Two" Challenge 

Knot Tying Practice Challenge

Build A Fort

Hole-in-One Maze

Blow Painting with Straws

Cardboard Box Totem Poles