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Sixth Graders Explore How Landforms Are Created

Sixth Graders Explore How Landforms Are Created

One of the best ways to learn something is by teaching others.

Briarcliff Middle School sixth graders in Julie Gallagher’s science class recently discovered that, as they shared their learnings about agents of erosion and deposition with the rest of the class.

The class broke into groups; each was assigned one of the five agents of erosion and deposition: running water, wind, gravity, waves and glaciers. A requirement of the project was to create live infographics, included animation using Keynote. 

“We added the element of animation to make it visual,” said Ms. Gallagher. “Instructional Technology Mentor Tracy Campanile visited our class to help students with the animation part.”

The group that worked on glaciers featured Kettle Lakes in their infographic. The glacier, which is the agent, melts and turns into a lake.

Saanvi, Emma and Andrew worked on waves and explained in the infographic how waves create sea arches and sea caves.

“We collaborated and worked on the infographic using different iPads,” Saanvi said. “We also worked on the animation together at the same time.”

Camila, Jackson and Brooke wrote about running water. They created an animation that shows a waterfall that turns into a lake.

“We show how water erodes things over time,” Camila said. “When water from a river falls off a cliff, this creates a waterfall, and then the edge of the rock where the water overflows erodes over time and creates a lake.”

The project reinforced earth science concepts and taught technology skills, empowering students in both areas of knowledge.