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Middle School Students Excel at the AMC 8 Competition Despite Setbacks

This year people have been stepping out of their comfort zone and rising to the challenge in many ways. At the Briarcliff Middle School Math Club, students had to finds ways to motivate themselves, and several of them did well on the AMC 8 Competition despite having only about two weeks to study.

Svetlana Ryzhik

“I didn’t know if this club was going to work out this year,” said Math Club advisor and Teaching Assistant Svetlana Ryzhik, who typically begins the club in early October.

“We started the club on October 28 virtually, and the AMC 8 competition was on November 11, so there was little time to practice,” she said. “The students had to practice on their own, without me pushing them but they had additional practice materials and they were self-motivated.”

Ava Wu

“I didn’t study too much for the AMC 8 test this year, but I did study very frantically about one or two weeks before the test, and I guess that frantic studying paid off,” said seventh grader Ava Wu, who shares the third spot with seventh grader Matthew Epstein.

Matthew Epstein

"I have had an interest in math for as long as I can remember, and the skills I have gained over time help me do well in math," said Riya Raina, who shars the first place with Daisy Star.

Riya Raina

Eighth grader Mia Willey, who came in second place, thought the exam was more difficult this year.

“I definitely feel like the questions were much harder this year than in previous years,” she said. “I mostly used the practice tests online and old tests from previous years to study during the short time we had,” she added.

Mia Willey

Ms. Ryzhik is pleased with the results, especially since all the top scores were very close.

“The second place is one point shy of first place and the third place is one point shy of second place,” said Ms. Ryzhik. “This tells me they are all on a similar level. I’m happy they were so dedicated and hard-working. It is the first time ever that I have so many girls in the top scores!” she added.

Daisy Star

Here are the results:

First Place: Riya Raina and Daisy Star, grade 8

Second Place: Mia Willey, grade 8

Third Place: Ava Wu and Matthew Epstein, grade 7