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Briarcliff Manor Union Free School District

Briarcliff High School Students Prepare for Online Art Show

One of the best things about Briarcliff High School is that you can take college-level classes that count as college credits. BHS juniors have been gearing up for an online art exhibit and have been hard at work on their paintings in Beginning Oil Painting, College Level, an art class taught by Briarcliff High School teacher Roxanne Ritacco.

“The Art show, featuring all of Briarcliff High School’s art students, will hopefully be available for viewing in mid-May,” said Ms. Ritacco, as she assisted students with their work.

One of the projects for the art show is painting still life and students were at various stages of their work; some were drawing the still life with a pencil, while others were painting it with oil colors.

“The students selected one of several still life options that are displayed at the center of the classrooms and they have been working on it each day, beginning with drawing and shading and later painting,” Ms. Ritacco explained.

The show will include completed works of several still lifes, as well as a landscape painting.

“For the landscape painting, the students selected a photo of a landscape of their choosing and painted it with oil paint,” Ms. Ritacco said. “They typically use one of two methods: indirect painting, which is slow and involves gradually building layers upon layers of paint, and direct painting, which is what they are doing now – they are putting the paint directly on the canvas and adding more on the wet paint.”

Students seemed to enjoy the method of direct painting and painting still life, which was mostly vases and fruit.

“I think it can be easier to draw something that is in front of you,” said Sascha, a junior. “It can be overwhelming sometimes to create something based on imagination,” she added.