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Briarcliff Manor Union Free School District

Briarcliff High School Social Studies Teacher Looks Forward to New Year 

Flexibility. That will be the key to success for students and teachers this year. So says Briarcliff High School social studies teacher Laura Gulatiere.  

“We’re all going to be flexible. That’s the theme I’m going with,” said Ms. Gulatiere, who is also a district resident with children in school. “Each day is a learning curve. Each day is a new day where you can say ‘alright that didn’t work yesterday, so let’s try this today.’ Or, ‘that worked great, so we’re going to do it again.’” 

Ms. Gulatiere shared her thoughts during the second day of orientation for sophomores Wednesday. She plans to keep a close eye on both the students in her class and those participating from their homes. 

“Remote students will see everything in real-time. For instance, the first period starts at 9:45 so if they are studying virtually, at 9:45 a.m. they are logged onto Teams where they will see the camera and the board I am going to start. Participation also will be the same at home as it is in class.” 

This learning model will allow for more flexibility before and after classes, as well as extra help. 

“My students know that if they call me or email me I’m going to answer. If they email me at 10 at night and I’m out walking my dog, I’ll answer the email,” she said. “Freshmen and sophomores have study halls built in their schedule. They also arrive at school a little earlier so there’s time in the morning for extra help before class starts,” she added. 

During this uncertain time, Ms. Gulatiere said she hopes to be in the building every day and see her students each day.  

“I hope to finish my curriculum and to have interaction with my students and my colleagues,” she said. “My experience last spring put a lot of things in perspective for me about what I appreciate about my district as an employee and as a resident. I am looking forward to sharing some great stories with the students about history.”