Tier Two

Briarcliff Manor Union Free School District

Educational Philosophy

The Briarcliff Manor School District is committed to the philosophy of maximizing each students' potential by engaging and inspiring them to be active, capable, empathetic, and confident participants in the world around them.  Engaging students to this end is the shared responsibility of our schools, parents and the greater Briarcliff community. Together, we endeavor to meet their intellectual, physical, emotional, civic, and aesthetic needs.

We have moved away from an era in which memorization of facts is at the center. In this age of unprecedented technological access, it is essential that we build students' skills of critical thinking, creative problem-solving, collaboration, metacognition, and communication. And, while we are dedicated to providing students with cutting-edge technological tools, we know that student learning is truly at the center.  Teaching the responsible, creative, disciplined and purposeful use  of those tools is the key to our students' ongoing success.

A student's ability is dynamic. We know that learning can happen at different rates, through different means and that curiosity and authentic purpose are the engines. Therefore, insofar as possible, our schools meet the individual needs of each student by offering student-centered methods of instruction, choices in content, process and assessment, and a broad range of educational programs and activities for students with differing passions and talents.

Within this broad educational program, we hope to engage, enlighten and inspire our student body so that it may be best prepared for life and opportunity in our rapidly changing world.


“Engage, Inspire and Achieve”