Tier Two

Briarcliff Manor Union Free School District

Equity & Diversity Committee


Mission Statement

The mission of the Equity & Diversity Committee (EDC) is to assist the School District with achieving its goal of instilling students with an awareness and appreciation that members of our school families, and the broader community, carry differing histories and unique perspectives.


Vision Statement

While unified behind the common goal of creating confident and capable students, it is important that faculty, staff, and families be cognizant of the diversity of thought and experience exists among our student body. By exposing students to a broad range of ideas and perspectives, engaging in respectful dialogue, and better reflecting the composition of school families, our staff will ensure that all students are engaged academically, afforded individual dignity, and able to reach their academic potential.
The EDC is comprised of parents, teachers and administrators representing all three schools. The Committee's initial focus will be to provide recommendations to the Superintendent of Schools within the goal of advancing three goals: (1) creating a safe environment for all students to ensure their voices are acknowledged and understood, (2) expanding the diversity of our staff to better reflect the school community, and (3) enhancing the curriculum to increase student awareness and understanding of the diversity of though, perspective, and experiences that exists locally, nationally, and abroad.