November 2018


Dear Community Member:


Now that the midterm elections are over, I would like to provide you with information concerning the upcoming Bond Vote:


Bond Vote on December 13, 2018

(From 6 AM to 9 PM at Todd Elementary School)



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As was discussed in our previous correspondence, after a multi-year study period, the Board of Education approved a Bond Vote that would finance an extensive Capital Project to improve and revitalize education spaces on both of our school campuses.  The purpose of the Capital Project is to:


  • Promote Safety and Security: The proposed plan calls for Districtwide improvements to our security infrastructure allowing for cameras, emergency communications and other equipment that will, for example, enable lockdown capability to be installed at the high school, middle school and Todd. It also addresses security through environmental design, e.g. better placement of facilities, improved sightlines and the ability to cordon off core educational areas from visitors.


  • Promote Health: Establishing a healthier school environment in which educational facilities would be brighter, cleaner and free from impediments.  At Todd, this means facilities that better support the need for elementary students to engage in active play and meet state physical education mandates. At BHS, natural light would be introduced into interior rooms and spaces.  For example, the project calls for two new state-of-the-art science classrooms to be created out of four existing windowless rooms. 


  • Support Next Generation Learning: Student resources including the Maresca Center, the Library and the Guidance offices would be modernized and reconfigured more logically to increase accessibility to students, staff, and parents. At BHS, the Library Media Center would be transformed into an interactive, cloud-based learning environment and collaboration space to facilitate current instructional strategies. An upgraded Guidance and College Conference Suite would include a waiting room and space for group interviews and interviews with college recruiters.  


  • Transform and Reconfigure Outdated Spaces: BMS and BHS share a campus thus upgrades would be utilized by both schools.  Notably, the Music and Performing Arts renovations, the elimination of closets and the conversion of office space for educational supports, the addition of a middle school Maker Space for hands-on, interactive and collaborative learning. At Todd, the project calls for the consolidation of our administrative offices including nursing, conferencing and student support services.  Existing courtyard spaces would also be converted into usable outdoor learning spaces.


  • Create a Performance and Flexible Use Space at Todd Elementary: Plans call for repurposing the existing gymnasium into flexible student performance and indoor recess space.  The construction of a new gymnasium with adequate space for two Physical Education teaching stations and a full-sized playing surface for athletic events.  To improve security, this new space would be placed along the exterior of the school building and would better allow for community use outside of school hours.


  • Attend to High-Priority Infrastructure Projects District-Wide: Over the past several years, the District has deferred significant maintenance and improvement projects so that they may coincide with the 2021 retirement of debt. These projects would include renovating the high school cafeteria serving area, repaving degraded parking lots and sidewalks, replacing roofs, electrical upgrades, and installation of interior and exterior security doors.


To learn more, please join me for our next Community Presentation and Discussion on Tuesday, November 13th starting at 7:00 pm in the Middle School Theater.  I will also be at Law Park tomorrow (Saturday) between 9 and 11 AM for an informal Q & A.  A list of additional events and information about the Capital Project, including past presentations, frequently asked questions, associated articles and videos can be found on our website.  Just look under the Capital Project tab or click


Thank you for taking the time to learn and to be better informed regarding the upcoming Bond Vote on December 13th.  I look forward to seeing you in the near future!


Very Sincerely,

Dr. James Kaishian

Superintendent of Schools


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