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Briarcliff Manor Union Free School District

Modified Program


Frequently Asked Questions About Modified Sports

What is the Middle School Philosophy?

This program is available to all students in the seventh and eighth grade. Sport activities offered are determined by the existence of leagues, student interest, and the relationship to the high school program. At this level, the focus is on learning athletic skills and game rules, fundamentals of team play, socio/ emotionalgrowth, physiologically appropriate demands on the adolescent body, and healthy competition.  At the modified level if the number of students trying out for a team creates a situation that is difficult to manage, poses a safety problem or is problematic because of facility considerations, reducing team size may be necessary. Ultimately, the number of teams and size of the squad in any sport will be determined by the availability of

1) financial resources, 2) qualified coaches, 3) suitable indoor or outdoor facilities, and 4) a safe environment.

In order for the desired development of the adolescent athlete and team to occur, practice sessions are vital. The New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA) publishes regulations by which practice sessions are governed.  Occasionally, practice or contests will be scheduled for Saturdays. Opportunities for meaningful contest participation for each team member will exist over the course of a season.

Exceptional seventh and eighth graders may be permitted to try out for a freshman, junior varsity or varsity team under the State Education Department Program called "Athletic Placement Process."

What is the major emphasis of Modified Sports?

In Briarcliff, the emphasis for our modified program is on participation, safety, and teaching fundamental skills to young athletes.


Who can participate in Modified Sports?

Upon entry into the seventh grade, a student is eligible for the Modified program competition. What sports are offered and when?




Boys Cross Country

Boys Basketball


Girls Cross Country

Girls Basketball


Field Hockey

Boys Indoor Track

Boys Lacrosse


Girls Indoor Track

Girls Lacrosse

Boys Soccer


Boys Track &; Field

Girls Soccer


Girls Track & Field





Is there "cutting" in Modified Sports?

At the Modified level all student are encouraged to participate. However, if the number of students trying out for a team creates an unmanageable situation and/or poses a safety hazard, reducing team size may be necessary.


Is there a Code of Behavior for Student/Athletes?

 Membership on an athletic team is a privilege, and all team members should strive to perform to the best of their abilities as student /athletes and citizens within their community. The  Briarcliff Interscholastic Athletic Policy "Code of Conduct"  is included as part of the Family ID online registration.


What type of time commitment is involved in Modified Sports?

Team practices are usually held five days a week. Practice sessions shall be limited to two hours but will be at least 45 minutes in length. Student/athletes are encouraged to participate in practice/games as often as possible. Any absence may lead to a reduction in playing time out of fairness to the athletes who have dedicated their schedule to the sport or activity.


How do student/athletes know when practice and games are scheduled?

 Coaches develop practice schedules for their team. Usually practice begins at 3:15 every weekday and ends no later than 5:30 pm. Student /athletes must wait in the Middle School Dining Hall for their coaches. The coaches will communicate this information to their players and then it is up to the students to inform their parents. Game schedules and/or practices may change due to unforeseen events. Schedules will be posted outside the Middle School Nurse's Office, outside the MS Main Office, on the Bulletin Board in the MS Cafeteria,  as well as on the web.


When do buses leave for games? Will it interfere with extra help or after school clubs?

 Buses usually leave around 3:30 pm. Your child is a student first and an athlete second.


Can my son/daughter be driven home from away games?

 We encourage student/athletes to ride the bus home with their team from an away contest. If necessary, a student /athlete may be allowed to leave the game with a parent/guardian after a signed permission form has been handed to the coach. The permission form is available online with Family ID registration .


Are there policies in place regarding attendance?

 Yes. Every sport has a requirement established by the New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA) requiring a minimum number of practices prior to being permitted to participate in a scrimmage and/or game. Regardless of whether the absence from practice was excused or not, student athletes who do not attend the required number of practices will be ineligible for participation in the contest. The table on the following page includes the required number of practices needed to participate in a scrimmage and /or game.


Number of Practices

Prior to First Scrimmage

Number of Practices

Prior to First Game

Baseball 8 10
Pitcher 10 15
Basketball 9 11
Bowling 3 3
Cross Country  10 13
Field Hockey 9 11
Football 13 17
Gymnastics    10 15
Boys Lacrosse 10 15
Girls Lacrosse 10 13
Boys Soccer  9 11
Girls Soccer 9 11
Softball 8 10
Swimming 12 15
Winter Track 10 15
Outdoor Track & Field 10 15
Volleyball 8 10


What steps need to be taken in order to be able to participate?

Step 1: Parents should register their child/children on Family ID.  Family ID opens for registration 30 days prior to the beginning of the sport season.  Fall Varsity & JV Sports begin on August 20  (Family ID will open on July 20).  Modified Football begins on September 6 (Family ID will open on August 6)  Registration for all other Modified Fall Sports is September 12 (Family ID will open on August 12).  There are instructions for new families signing up as well as returning parents.

Step 2:Each student must also have a physical exam within the last 12 months on file in the Health Office which requires school physician’s review. If more than 12 months have passed since the last physical, the Health Office requires the student to have a new exam. These forms can be found on the school website under Health Office.

If any of these steps are incomplete, it will delay the student/athlete’s ability to begin practice. Please be sure to hand in all forms, in their entirety, prior to their due date, in order to ensure a timely start