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 May 23, 2016 Awards Ceremony

Recipient Program


BHS Accolades

* Briarcliff Recognized as a "Reward School" for
2016-2017 By The University of the State of New York Education Department

* Briarcliff Ranks #30
Among the Top 50 High Schools in
Newsweek’s 2015 List of Top Public High Schools in America

* Briarcliff Ranks #48 Among the Top 500
High Schools in the nation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) in US News and World Reports

* Briarcliff Receives “Gold Medal” Recognition in
U.S. News and World Report’s National Survey of High School Programs
with State Rank of #31

Columbia Scholastic Press Association Medalist Critique Award
To help students print or improve their final yearbook product the CSPA offers Medalist Critiques. Each year, student newspapers, magazines, yearbooks or on-line media are invited to submit issues to the Associations experienced adviser-judges.

The Critique contains a written set of standards developed by the CSPA to itemize the best practices for student media. The adviser-judge reads the printed publication and analyzes it strengths and weakness as described by the Critique.

Each publication that is entered in the annual competition is sorted into Bronze, Silver and Gold placings by judges, based on its achievement according to the Critique standards.

The Briarcliff Bruin had received the Silver Medalist award for 2013 and 2014.

The 2015 Bruin has been awarded the Gold Medalist Award for the first time. Congratulations to our editors, Emily McGranaghan (class of 2015), Allie Meltser (class of 2015) Sam Simpson (class of 2017) and Allison Greenberg (class of 2016)!



 Please join me in congratulating the many language students from Briarcliff High School who attained accolades for excellent performance on the 2016 national language examinations.

The exams are widely given throughout the United States to thousands of students in both public and private schools, and measure achievement at all levels in each language. These students recognize the importance of a second language as a 21st century skill in an increasingly global society, and have dedicated themselves to proficiency.

Latin Level 1
Anthony Radovanovich- Summa Cum Laude (Gold)
Julia Orientale- Maxima Cum Laude (Silver)
Madeline Plank- Maxima Cum Laude (Silver)
Kyle Harris- Maxima Cum Laude (Silver)
Noah Benson- Magna Cum Laude

Latin Level 2
Matthew Tu- Summa Cum Laude (Gold)
Akshara Chittur- Summa Cum Laude (Gold)
Michael Conte- Maxima Cum Laude (Silver)
Cynthia Constantinou- Magna Cum Laude
Jackson Gonseth- Cum Laude
Jonah Koen- Cum Laude

Latin Level 3
Julia Duffy- Maxima Cum Laude (Silver)
Ava Goldwyn- Maxima Cum Laude (Silver)
Jeremy Kesten- Maxima Cum Laude (Silver)
Patrick Prendergast- Maxima Cum Laude (Silver)
Steven Orientale- Magna Cum Laude

Latin Level 4 (Prose)
Miles Henshaw- Summa Cum Laude (Gold)
Alex Jacobs- Maxima Cum Laude (Silver)
Michael Price- Maxima Cum Laude (Silver)

French Level 2
Andrew Kanovsky- (Silver)
Finn Hosfeld- (Silver)
Regine Navarro- (Bronze)
Leila Freitag- (Bronze)

French Level 3
Dustin Qian- (Gold)
Anna Daefler- (Silver)
Madison Hennessy- (Silver)
Farhaanah Mohideen- (Bronze)

French Level 4
Sharon Halevi- (Silver)
Sophie Underwood- (Silver)

French Level 5
Feroze Mohideen- (Silver)
Aishwarya Sritharan- (Silver)
Ryan Klarnet- (Bronze)

Spanish Level 2
Letitia Chan- (Gold)
Anthony Radovanovich- (Silver)
Joseph Vallejo- (Silver)
Sarah Albert- (Silver)
Jarrod Homer- (Silver)
Andrew Van Camp- (Silver)
Jamie Berkenblit- (Silver)
Oliver Blum- (Silver)
Ian Becker- (Silver)
Noah Benson- (Silver)
Julia Orientale- (Silver)
Sarah Raphael- (Silver)
Amrita Makhijani- (Bronze)
Madeline Plank- (Bronze)
Samantha Kilman- (Bronze)
Tucker Poux- (Bronze)
Kendall Hayes- (Bronze)
William Zimmerman- (Bronze)
Alex Benson- (Bronze)
Sean Fischer- (Bronze)
Bridget Richer- (Bronze)

Spanish Level 3
Jane Tilles- (Gold)
Andrew Agriantonis- (Silver)
Aleena Hussain- (Silver)
Juliana Arroyo- (Silver)
Miles Honsberger- (Bronze)
Sajan Bar- (Bronze)
Max Pushkin- (Bronze)
Noah Campo- (Bronze)
Isabel Klein- (Bronze)
Jonah Koen- (Bronze)
Lauren Tannenbaum- (Bronze)
Henry Ross- (Bronze)
Akshara Chittur- (Bronze)
Maegan Rosenberg- (Bronze)

Spanish Level 4
Steven Orientale- (Silver)
Rekha Crawford- (Silver)
Samantha Manimala- (Silver)
Saroja Rao- (Silver)
Olivia Banc- (Silver)
Jeremy Kesten- (Silver)
Jacqueline Contento- (Bronze)
Kieran Roth- (Bronze)
Jayne Levy- (Bronze)
Andrew Sugrue- (Bronze)
Melissa Wells- (Bronze)
Komal Keerthy- (Bronze)
Matthew DeLorenzo (Bronze)

Spanish Level 5
Sabine Poux- (Gold)
Christina Arroyo- (Silver)
Jasmine Bar- (Silver)
Kieran Lewis- (Silver)
Caroline Pennacchio- (Silver)
Madeline Albert- (Silver)
Alexandra Linares- (Bronze)
Matthew Neuendorf- (Bronze)
Joel Tannenbaum- (Bronze)



Congratulations to the following students who were designated as Outstanding ACE Scholars for 2015-2016 by Westchester Community College:

Christina Arroyo
Olivia Banc
Nicholas Beninati
Devon Bombassei
Lauren Friedman
Allison Greenberg
Ashleigh Hudzik
Christina Hyman
Marcela Ibarra
Brendon Krupa
Rebecca Leon
Kelly Marchese
Farhaanah Mohideen
Erin O'Donnell
Steven Orientale
Helaina Ross
Samantha Simpson


Congratulations to the following Distinguished Students for the Month of April:
Sarah Dolgin - Grade 9
Roxanne Forbes - Grade 10
Andres Sanchez - Grade 11
Brian Danuff - Grade 12


Congratulations to both Chris Fischer and Karthik Rao for being named semi-finalists at I-SWEEP and to Karthik for earning a bronze. There were more than 70 nations and 3000 competitors.

 Congratulations to Dalton Waldock who was recently honored by the Westchester County Board of Legislators for being an Intel semi-finalist.


Congratulations to Caroline Pennacchio who is a finalist in the Presidential Scholars Program.

Congratulations to the following students who have been awarded a NYS Scholarship for Excellence: Feroze Mohideen, Emma Burns, Aishwarya Sritharan, Christopher Fischer and Matthew Neuendorf.


Congratulations to Ryan Klarnet, Feroze Mohideen, Tommy Praeger, and Alex Jacobs for winning the Academic Challenge Competition on April 17, 2016 at White Plains HS. Briarcliff’s “A” team was undefeated and captured the title for the third year in a row. In addition to the win, Ryan received a trophy for second highest points scored, league and season-wide, and Feroze secured one for fourth. Both the “A” and “B” teams head to Washington, DC for national competitions in June.


 Congratulations to Karthik Rao for winning one of the first-ever Cutler-Bell Prizes for Excellence in High School Computing on March 19, 2016, at the Living Computer Museum in Seattle, WA. The $10,000 prize recognizes computer science talent in high school students. Karthik's winning project focused on fuel efficiency for the airline industry.


Congratulations to the following students
for their outstanding achievement in the Visual Arts:
Scholastic Arts awarded to both Eliza Marcus and
Harrison Issac a "Silver Key" for painting and an
Honorable Mention was awarded to Devon Litchfield.  


Congratulations to the following students on their achievements at WESEF (The WestchesterScience and Engineering Fair)

American Meteorological Society Award: Victoria Garito
Future of Medicine Award: Joshua Papson
Cornell University Food Science Award: Lizzie Boyle
Cornell University Division of Nutritional Science Award: Jasmine Bar
Intel Excellence in Computer Science Award: Karthik Rao

Best in Category Awards:

4th place:
Cellular and Molecular Biology
Lucas Benson
Jackie Contento
Simone Konrad
Samantha Manimala

Matthew Neuendorf
Devyn Ginsburg

Medicine and Health
Brigitte Obermeyer
Komal Keerthy

3rd Place:
Cellular and Molecular Biology
Sabine Poux

Medicine and Health
Emma Burns

Plant Science
Jessica Cho

Joseph Raphael

Earth and Space
Dalton Waldock

Graham Goldheim

2nd Place:
Animal Science
Molly Rickles

Medicine and Health
Laura Charney
Lin Xie

1st Place:
Medicine and Health
Christopher Fischer

Computer Science
Karthik Rao

Grand Prize Winner and I-SWEEEP Semi-Finalist
Karthik Rao

I-SWEEEP Semi Finalist through Paper Submission
Christopher Fischer

Join with us in wishing Karthik Rao and Christopher Fischer well as they go to Houston, TX to compete against 700 students from around the world in The International Sustainable World (Energy, Engineering, and Environment) Project (www.isweeep.org).

Congratulations to the Class of 2016
Valedictorian and Salutatorians!

Feroze Mohideen - Valedictorian
Aishwarya Sritharan - Salutatorian
Emma Burns - Salutatorian 

Congratulations to Emma Burns who qualified as a Semifinalist in the 2016 National Merit Scholarship Competition!


Congratulations to Feroze Mohideen and Sabine Poux for being named National Merit Finalists!

Congratulations to the following students who were inducted into the National Honor Society on Monday, November 23, 2015:

Isabel Baer Jacob Hertz Steven Orientale
Lauren Ballini Megan Ho Maya Ponzini
Olivia Banc Ashleigh Hudzik Saroja Rao
Lucas Benson Christina Hyman Joseph Raphael
Devon Bombassei Lucy Kaminsky Michael Rigney
Lauren Burnette Komal Keerthy Haley Rosenberg
Maria Capasso Jeremy Kesten Kieran Roth
Anoushka Chaudhari Shray Khanna Alexandra Schoepke
Jacqueline Contento Jordan Kim Mary Scott
Natalie Cornacchio Brendon Krupa Corintha Seeley
Rekha Crawford Alison Kukowski Charlotte Segal
Matthew DeLorenzo Jayne Levy Lindsey Shapiro
Catharine Dow Kieran Lewis Drew Shaulson
Samuel Driver Devon Litchfield Emily Silvershein
Julia Duffy Jillian Maguffin Samantha Simpson
Hanna Feuer Samantha Manimala Meredith Steinberg
Sophia Gelard Kelly Marchese Rebecca Strauss
Noah Ginsberg Teresa Marinaccio Kristen Tobin
Ava Goldwyn Georgia Minkoff Sophie Underwood
Kaveri Gowda Kelly Monaghan Melissa Wells
Maddie Greenberg Sean Mooney Bailey Winiarski
Sharon Halevi Alyssa Nadler Lin Xie
Alexa Heller Alexander Obermeyer   


Congratulations to the 2015 Inductees in the TRI-M National Honor Society for Music Arts!

Erynn Altabef
Samuel Driver
Alena Galan
John Linares
Jack McGranaghan
Henry Ross
Andrew Van Camp
Alex Benson
Gug Jin Eom
Michael Gorlin
Charlotte Luttkus
Farhaanah Mohideen
Andres Sanchez
Kristen Burnette
Benjamin Freedman
Kaveri Gowda
Amrita Makhijani
Max Pushkin
Benjamin Shi

 Congratulations to the 2015 Inductees in the National Honor Society for Dance Arts!

Lauren Ballini
Emma Burns
Samylda Charles
Laura Charney
Jessica Cho
Rowan DeGasperis
Ava Goldwyn
Allison Herskovitz
Kelly Hooper
Hayley Kutcher


Congratulations to the following seniors who
were named Commended Students in the
2016 National Merit Scholarship Competition: 

Christina Arroyo
Elizabeth Boyle
Christopher Fischer
Miles Henshaw
Alexandra Linares
Matthew Neuendorf
Caroline Pennacchio
Thomas Praeger
Michael Price
Karthik Rao
Katherine Shine
Aishwarya Sritharan



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