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Congratulations to the Class of 2015!!!
Video Highlights of Graduation
June 19, 2015

Briarcliff High School Awards Ceremony
Recipient Program
Monday, May 18, 2015


Congratulations to the following students who were named Outstanding ACE (Advanced College Experience) Scholars by Westchester Community College for 2014-2015.  These students were recognized at the Annual Ace Scholars Reception on May 18, 2015.


Hillary Minkoff
Brett Berkenblit
William Schmidt
David Kaminsky
Mary Donoghue
Erika Zirman
Joseph Flihan
Olivia Banc

Kayla Owen
Jacob Hertz
Madeline Albert
Christina Arroyo
Komal Keerthy
Anthony Novakovic
Jesse Leon
Eleni Najarian

Distinguished Students for the Month of April
Rebeka Walker Gr. 9
Elizabeth Kreppel Gr. 10
Joshua Papson Gr. 11
Allen He Gr. 12


  Congratulations to the Class of 2015!

Grace Orr

Allen He
Adele Fu



Congratulations to the many language students from Briarcliff High School who attained national recognition for excellent performance on the 2015 National Language Examinations.

The exams are widely given throughout the United States to thousands of students, and measure achievement and proficiency at all levels in each language. These students have dedicated themselves to learning a foreign language and recognize the importance of a second language as a 21st century skill in an increasingly global society.

The Briarcliff World Language Department is very proud to announce this year's many winners:

French Level 2
95th percentile (Gold) - Dustin Qian
85th percentile (Silver)- Jessica Garlasco
85th percentile (Silver)- Sam Lanoff
80th percentile(Bronze)- Madison Hennessy
80th percentile (Bronze) Eli Karp
75th percentile (Bronze): Madeline Elkes
75th percentile (Bronze): Oyin Tukuru

French Level 3
85th percentile (Silver)- Alexandra Schoepke
85th percentile (Silver)- Sophie Underwood
75th percentile (Bronze) - Julia Duffy
75th percentile (Bronze) - Sharon Halevi

French Level 4
90th percentile (Silver)- Feroze Mohideen
90th percentile (Silver)- Ryan Klarnet
75th percentile (Bronze)- Aishu Sritharan

French Level 5
95th percentile (Gold): Kieran Lewis
80th percentile(Bronze): Dan Bramson
80th percentile(Bronze): Charlie Driver

Spanish Level 2
96th percentile (Gold): Andrew Agriantonis
95th percentile (Gold): Sajan Bar
94th percentile (Silver): Max Pushkin
87th percentile (Silver): Juliana Arroyo
86th percentile (Silver): Jane Tilles
85th percentile (Silver): Maegan Rosenberg
82nd percentile (Bronze): Aleena Hussain
81st percentile (Bronze): Cynthia Constantinou
80th percentile (Bronze): Oliver Benson

Spanish Level 3
97th percentile (Gold): Saroja Rao
94th percentile (Silver): Jeremy Kesten
90th percentile (Silver): Samantha Manimala
90th percentile (Silver); Jackie Contento
89th percentile (Silver): Kristen Tobin
87th percentile (Silver): Olivia Banc
85th percentile (Silver): Jayne Levy
85th percentile (Silver): Kieran Roth
84th percentile (Bronze): Komal Keerthy
82nd percentile (Bronze): Steven Orientale
81st percentile (Bronze): Alexander Obermeyer

Spanish Level 4
98th percentile (Gold): Christina Arroyo
95th percentile (Gold): Chris Fischer
93rd percentile(Silver): Sabine Poux
92nd percentile (Silver): Kieran Lewis
89th percentile (Silver): Jasmine Bar
86th percentile (Silver): Miles Henshaw
82nd percentile (Bronze): Matt Neuendorf
81st percentile (Bronze): Kaho Maeda
78th percentile (Bronze): Ashleigh Hudzik
78th percentile (Bronze): Alexandra Linares
77th percentile (Bronze): Katherine Shine

Spanish Level 5
99th percentile (Gold): David Kaminsky
98th percentile(Gold): Grace Lee-Niosi
98th percentile(Gold): Grace Orr
97th percentile (Gold): Katie Venditti
94th percentile (Silver): Arjun Rao
93rd percentile (Silver): Samantha Martocci
90th percentile (Silver): Michael Terilli
89th percentile (Silver): Adele Fu
88th percentile (Silver- bilingual category): Daniela Ibarra
84th percentile (Bronze): Jacob Gold
83rd percentile (Bronze): Bram Ziltzer
82nd percentile (Bronze): Katie Simons
82nd percentile (Bronze- bilingual category): Marcela Ibarra



Tri-M National Honor Society (Modern Music Masters) inductees 11 Briarcliff High School Students

The Tri-M Music Honor Society is designed to recognize students for their academic and musical achievements, reward them for their accomplishments and service activities, and to inspire others to excel at music leadership.

Ms. Delia Montenegro, Faculty Tri-M Advisor
Tri-M Executives: Jessica Mason, President, Marcela Ibarra Vice President, Melissa Goldberg, Secretary, Karthik Rao, Treasurer.

Congratulations to the following 2014 Inductees:

Julia Gottlieb
Feroze Mohideen
Kevin Qian
Sophie Underwood
Sharon Halevi
Sabine Poux
Kieran Roth
Lin Xie
Henry Mermer
Dustin Qian
Charlotte Segal

Columbia University Science Honors Program 2014-2015

The Columbia University Science Honors Program (SHP) is a highly selective program for high school students who have a strong interest in the sciences and mathematics. The SHP holds classes at Columbia on Saturdays throughout the academic year. Courses are primarily in the physical, chemical, biological, behavioral, and computing sciences; and instructors are scientists and mathematicians who are actively engaged in research at the University.

The following Briarcliff High School students belong to the Columbia University Science Honors Program:

Christopher Fischer
Jacob Gold
Feroze Mohideen
Arjun Rao
Sophie Underwood



Congratulations to the following BHS Semifinalists and Commended Students in the 2015 National Merit Scholarship Competition:

B.H.S National Merit Semifinalists
Sloane Bashford
Matthew Bombassei
Daniel Bramson
Russell Francis
Adele Fu
Allen He
Hana Grace Lee-Niosi
Austin Li
Grace Orr

B.H.S National Merit Commended Students
Arjun Rao
Olivia Segal
Jacob Gold
Jai Menon
Jacob Ryan
Michael Terilli
Joseph Flihan
Ezra Gans
Charles Driver
Edwin Zhou





Edwin Zhou was accepted to perform with the Conference All State Wind Ensemble on the Flute. Matthew Bombassei and Karthik Rao were accepted as Alternates on their perspective instruments, Snare Drum and Viola.

The conference will be held in Rochester from December 4-7







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