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Debora French - Principal
Daniel Murphy - Assistant Principal


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Our school community is a source of great pride and this site has been developed so that you can easily access information about the programs, upcoming events, and opportunities we provide.



MAY 22, 2017




BHS Accolades

Briarcliff High School named One of
America's Most Challenging High Schools!
Ranked #392 in the nation
by The Washington Post 

Briarcliff High School receives Gold Badge and
is named a 2017 U.S. News Best High School!
Ranked #28 in New York State
and #188 in the Nation 

Briarcliff recognized as a 2015-2016 "Blue Star School" for Financial Literacy by W!SE (Working In Support of Education).

Briarcliff Ranks #33
Among the Top 50 High Schools in
Newsweek’s 2016 List of Top Public High Schools in America

* Briarcliff Recognized as a "Reward School" for
2016-2017 By The University of the State of New York Education Department

* Briarcliff Ranks #30
Among the Top 50 High Schools in
Newsweek’s 2015 List of Top Public High Schools in America

* Briarcliff Ranks #48 Among the Top 500
High Schools in the nation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) in US News and World Reports

* Briarcliff Receives “Gold Medal” Recognition in
U.S. News and World Report’s National Survey of High School Programs
with State Rank of #31

Columbia Scholastic Press Association Medalist Critique Award
To help students print or improve their final yearbook product the CSPA offers Medalist Critiques. Each year, student newspapers, magazines, yearbooks or on-line media are invited to submit issues to the Associations experienced adviser-judges.

The Critique contains a written set of standards developed by the CSPA to itemize the best practices for student media. The adviser-judge reads the printed publication and analyzes it strengths and weakness as described by the Critique.

Each publication that is entered in the annual competition is sorted into Bronze, Silver and Gold placings by judges, based on its achievement according to the Critique standards.

The Briarcliff Bruin had received the Silver Medalist award for 2013 and 2014.

The 2015 Bruin has been awarded the Gold Medalist Award for the first time. Congratulations to our editors, Emily McGranaghan (class of 2015), Allie Meltser (class of 2015) Sam Simpson (class of 2017) and Allison Greenberg (class of 2016)!




Congratulations to the following students who scored a 95 or higher on the w!se Financial Literacy Certification Test
and qualified as National Financial Literacy Scholars!:

Miles Honsberger
Isaac Reisman
Henry Mermer
Alexandra Schoepke
Drew Shaulson
Rebecca Strauss

They have all been invited to attend the upcoming Scholars Reception at the Museum of American Finance on Wall Street.

 Congratulations to Samantha Manimala
for winning a college-sponsored
National Merit Scholarship from
Stony Brook University!

Congratulations to the following Sophomores who participated in the Westlake Sophomore Science Competition and won prizes:

3rd place in Animal Science: Livia Marchese and Erin Hewitt
2nd place in Animal Science: Tucker Poux

3rd place in Behavior: Finn Hossfeld and Julianna Brown
2nd place in Behavior: Camryn Cohen
1st place in Behavior: Justin Duffy

1st Place in Behavioral Science: Julia Orientale

3rd place in Cellular and Molecular Biology: Andrew Van Camp
1st place in Cellular and Molecular Biology: Noah Benson

3rd place in Engineering: Jacob Fridakis

2nd place in Environmental Science: Alex Benson

2nd place in Medicine and Health: Jessica Heller and Aliyah Sutton


Congratulations to the 2017 National Language Exam Award Winners:

Latin I
Joshua Jacobs – gold medal
Michael Hardy - magna cum laude
Will Henshaw – silver medal
Sarah Van Gelder – magna cum laude
Sarah Seissler – cum laude
Nick Reish – cum laude
Maya Celaj – cum laude

Latin II
Joshua Sirota – magna cum laude

College Latin I
Matthew Tu – gold medal
Michael Conte – silver medal
Akshara Chittur – magna cum laude
Cynthia Constantinou – magna cum laude

AP Latin
Steven Orientale – cum laude

Spanish II
Christopher Arroyo – bronze
Julia Hoyer – silver
Christopher LI – bronze
Matthew Li - bronze
Margaret Lynch – silver
Stephanie Markowitz – bronze
Lauren Rogers – bronze
Sydney Zhang – silver
Lindsay Flores – bronze
Will Henshaw bronze
Rishikesh Lokhande – bronze
Kimberly Mourao – gold
Joseph Murray – bronze
Declan O’Neil – bronze
Mark Rogers – bronze
Hana Zalvan – bronze

Spanish III
Sarah Albert – silver
Ian becker – bronze
Letitia Chan – gold
Jarrod Homer – silver
Jason Oppong- bronze
Tucker Poux bronze
Sarah Raphael – bronze
Charlotte Sendek – bronze
Andrew Van Camp - bronze
Daniel DeCastro -gold
Katherine Gomez - bronze

Spanish IV
Andrew Agriantonis – silver
Akshara Chittur – silver
Max Pushkin – bronze
Jane Tiles – silver

Spanish V
Jeremy Kesten – silver
Alexander Obermeyer – bronze
Steven Orientale – bronze
Emily Silvershein – bronze
Bailey Winiarski – bronze

The French results are the placement in Westchester County

French II
Katherine Gomez- 10th
Saule Konstantinivicius- 9th
Ivy Minkoff - 9th
Michael Tu- 8th

French III
Leila Freitag - 8th
Isabella Wang - 10th

French IV
Anna Daefler- 9th
Madison Hennessy -6th
Farhaanah Mohideen - 9th
Dustin Qian -3rd

French V
Julia Duffy 10th
Ava Goldwyn -7th
Sharon Halevi –6th

Congratulations to Lin Xie and Kaveri Gowda!
Winners in the I-SWEEP Competition in Houston, Texas
(International Sustainability World Energy, Engineering and Environment Science Olympiad)
Lin Xie - Bronze Medal
Kaveri Gowda - Gold Medal

Congratulations to The Briarcliff High School Filmmakers for winning Best Comedy at the 2017 Westchester County Future Filmmakers Festival at The Picture House in Pelham, NY. The Best Comedy was awarded for Your Call is Important to Us, written by Henry Ross, starring Jack McGranaghan, Henry Ross, and Rebecca Leon and edited by Olivia Banc; it is the story of what the phone company is really doing while the customer is on hold.

Three films created by BHS Filmmakers and one public service announcement by The Introduction to Film students were also juried and shown at the festival. They were:

Apple Bytes Back, by the BHS Future Filmmakers, starring Olivia Banc, Jack McGranaghan, Mikayla Kibel, Brandon Danuff, Rebecca Leon, Rebecca Strauss and Tucker Poux and edited by Rebecca Leon

Scoop Dreams by Henry Ross

Don't Text and Walk, a public service announcement by Samantha Robins, Juliet Tierney and Steven Agriantonis


Congratulations to the following students for being named
Distinguished Students of the Month for April:
Sarah VanGilder, Gr. 9
Tucker Poux, Gr. 10
Eli Karp, Gr. 11
Kelly Marchese, Gr. 12 

Congratulations to Charlotte Luttkus
for her selection and participation in the
2017 ACDA National Honors Chorus!

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected as Finalists in the 2017 Competition for National Merit Scholarships:
Eddie Ho
Samantha Manimala
Alexandra Schoepke
Sophie Underwood



Briarcliff HS Class of 2017

Valedictorian: Sophie Underwood

1st Salutatorian: Jacqueline Contento

2nd Salutatorian: Lauren Burnette

Monday, August 21, 2017