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Technology & Data Services

Mission Statement

Information and Technology Literacy is the ability of an individual, working independently or with others, to use tools, resources, processes, and systems responsibly to access and evaluate information in any medium, and to use that information to solve problems, communicate clearly, make informed decisions, and construct new knowledge, products, or systems.

The Briarcliff Manor Educational Technology Planning Committee clearly supports curriculum-based uses of technology in the teaching and learning environment of schools and the use of technology as an aid in improving the management of schools.

In addition, the committee feels that technology is the catalyst for restructuring the classroom and that technology tools foster new ways of thinking.

The Briarcliff Manor Educational Technology Planning Committee believes that students need to become lifelong learners in order to adapt to a constantly changing workplace. Students need to know how to access, evaluate, and use information effectively to live and work in an information society. Students need technological skills in order to be successful and productive in our society.

Please see our IT Strategic Plan: Technology Strategic Plan

Tuesday, March 20, 2018