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Thank you for your interest in the Briarcliff Manor School District. We hope to help you make an informed decision as you consider making Briarcliff Manor your home.

Located less than 30 miles from Manhattan in suburban Westchester County, our district services a community of approximately 8,000 residents with approximately 1,500 students in our schools. Students are housed in three schools: Todd Elementary School (Gr. K-5); Briarcliff Middle School (Gr. 6-8); and Briarcliff High School (Gr. 9-12).

Briarcliff students benefit from a world-class educational experience with the attention and opportunity that parallels most private schools. Recent New York State report card results affirm that Briarcliff Manor is one of the premier districts – not only in Westchester County –  but in all of New York State. Our students eclipse the bar on standardized exams¬ with a high percentage achieving mastery.

NYS School Profile

The Story of Us: BHS Senior Ali Arminio’s Video on Briarcliff – Past & Present

A Strong Foundation We Continually Build Upon

Much of our student success stories can be attributed to the strong foundation set early on at the elementary level and a continuance of higher-learning opportunities as students move on in their educational careers. Among the more than 100 different course offerings available to students at Briarcliff High School, 20 are Advanced Placement, 26 are college accredited and 13 are Honors-level. Last year, 94.1% of all AP exam scores were 3 or higher (out of 5).

Additionally, we have a strong science research program that continually produces Intel Science Talent Search contestants and finalists and winners in other local science competitions.

While academic success is a hallmark that makes Briarcliff one of the best in the state, co-curricular programs are plentiful, with more than 50 clubs at the high school ranging from Amnesty International Chemistry, music, dance to Interior Design. There are also many rewarding experiences at Briarcliff Middle School and Todd Elementary as well, with clubs ranging from theater, music, dance to robotics to activities that teach children to be humanitarians and civic-minded and an overall emphasis on empathy education early on.

College and Career Readiness

With a current student population of 595, Briarcliff High School’s projected graduating class for 2014 is 162. The Class of 2013 achieved mean SAT scores of 606 (math), 598 (reading) and 608 (writing); had nine National Merit Scholarship Finalists and 10 Commended Students; and had a 100% graduation rate– many achieving Advanced Designation with Honors– with 99% attending college.

Just three years ago BHS was ranked No. 1 in Westchester County and No. 2 in New York State on the State College Readiness Standard. It demonstrates that we are not only on track with this, but ahead of the pack in this most critical aspect of education. From Harvard University to Vanderbilt, Briarcliff graduates attend some of the most prestigious and rigorous postsecondary institutions in the nation.

For more information about courses, requirements and what colleges/universities Briarcliff grads are attending, please refer to the BHS profile.

Our Partnership for Children

The Briarcliff schools operate under the jurisdiction of a five-member Board of Education with an eye toward providing a strong foundation of the basic learning fundamentals driven toward college preparation as well as civic responsibilities.

Our leadership team of administrators works hand in hand with the Board of Education to deliver this high-quality, well-rounded educational experience while being fiscally responsible to ensure taxpayer funds are used wisely. We encourage all of our parents and residents to remain partners in the process. Briarcliff has extremely active and supportive parent groups from the PTA groups, BFPA, Booster to the Briarcliff Manor Educational Foundation that provides substantial support for our programs.

For your information, the following list of schools and contact persons would be happy to spend time with you:

Todd Elementary School
Nadine McDermott, Principal

Briarcliff Middle School

Susan Howard, Principal

Briarcliff High School
Debora French, Principal

You can refer to other areas of this website to learn more about the opportunities available to students in the Briarcliff Manor Schools. You may also refer to the Village of Briarcliff Manor website,, for more information about the community, village amenities and living in Briarcliff Manor.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018