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Physical Education, Health and Wellness

Briarcliff Middle School


Physical Education at the Middle School is an integral part of the total education program of each middle school student. It contributes to the development of the individual in many ways such as; critical and creative thinking, positive self-image, team work and cooperation, socialization, goal setting, problem-solving, large and small muscle development, hand-eye and foot-eye coordination, patterning, spatial relationships, physical fitness and the understanding of human motion.
Our program also utilizes differentiation in our teaching. Each class and student receives specialized instruction to help them reach our objectives daily and throughout the school year. This is made possible through the types of equipment utilized, fields and gym space, and through new technological advances in our class of date (PPI).
All of our ideas and methods used throughout the school year are ultimately geared to bridge the Middle school and High school physical education curriculum and to allow for discovery of a life-long activity for our students.





Tuesday, March 20, 2018