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Emergency Numbers/Info

In the case of an after- hours, school related emergency, please call the Briarcliff Police Department at (914) 941-2130; they have emergency contact information for the District Administrative Staff.

You can also e-mail a District Administrator at the address listed below.

Dr. James Kaishian, Superintendent
 Anthony Bauso, Asst. Dir. Of Facilities
 Debora French, HS Principal
 Daniel Murphy, HS Assist. Principal
 Susan Howard, MS Principal
 Nadine McDermott, Todd Principal
 Jennifer Jacobs, Todd Assist Principal
 Deb Serio Vaughan, Special Ed Chairperson

Indian Point Safety:

For the most current updates please visit the website by following this link:


Click Here for a Copy of the Emergency Guide

Wednesday, April 25, 2018