Todd School Hosts Multi-County Singapore Math Workshops

From Aug. 26-29, Todd Elementary School hosted the Singapore Math Summer Institute. Participants received professional development that would enable them to incorporate  Singapore Math and the new Common Core State Standards into the school’s curriculum.  Coordinated by Principal Nadine McDermott, along with Greg Soldatenko, general manager of iSingapore Math, the Singapore Math sessions were led by Bill Jackson and the lesson study sessions led by Dr. Makato Yoshida.  After piloting the bar model method of Singapore Math since 2010, Todd Elementary School fully implemented Singapore Math last year.

This program delivers an engaging experience for all students.  Used in more than 40 countries, it is the top-ranked math program in the world and has been proven to be one of the most successful in-school and after-school enrichment programs for mastering math concepts.

Nick Timpone, sponsor of East West Math and proponent of Singapore Math, said the program is currently being used in the Scarsdale, Bronxville, Pocantico Hills, Dobbs Ferry and Clarkstown School Districts, among others. Singapore Math is also taught in the Hackley School. He emphasized that Principal McDermott was instrumental in bringing the program to Briarcliff and pioneered the lesson study.

 “[Singapore Math] teaches fewer topics over the course of the school year, but in much more depth,” he said. “It’s aligned with the Common Core Standards, has a problem-solving base, a concrete-pictorial-abstract approach and, although it’s not the primary intention, it naturally prepares students for standardized testing… Metacognition is an extremely important part of Singapore Math.  It’s the process of thinking about thinking. Rather than teaching to the test, it’s teaching students how to learn.”